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Reading Notes: Hacker Ethic

Summary: Reading notes on theories applicable to design of social software and social media. Concepts from psychology, sociology, linguistics, online interaction and performance enrich our theory of user interaction on Web 2.0 sites, social networking sites like Facebook.com, Youtube.com, Myspace.com and more

These reading notes were taken while researching source material and conceptual frameworks of potential use to social interaction design, an approach I'm developing for use in the development and design of social software, interaction tools, communication technologies and their applications.

Download or view Reading Notes: Hacker Ethic PDF, 2 pages.

The Hacker Ethic has been quoted for its robust influence in online communities such as Slashdot. The matter of normative community self-regulation is interesting, and if all communities were steered by the ethics adopted by hackers we'd be both better and worse off! This paper draws out some interesting points concerning the Hacker Ethic's normative force. But is the hacker ethic transferable to domains in which the activities and economies governing participation lack the common ground and foundation that motivates hackers? And in which simple things like getting attention, being visible, and making friends are not so simple?

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