John Digweed’s MMII is out and I’m at home, a happy and intrigued listener. If it’s safe here to invoke Darwin for but a minute, then this record is an example of the swift flow of evolution we have come to love and expect from electronica, trance included. Emergent breakbeat, a thinner bottom end, elements of trance and space but no longer hung on the formidable edifice of deep or progressive house. This is broken house, a wrecking ball taken to the foundation not to tear down but to retrofit perhaps. This is not another cornerstone of deep and progressive, but a transition. Digger shows us not only that he’s in motion himself, but that the genre we have been taking for granted is in motion too. And in an age of falling structures, what better road to progress and recovery than to be led by master bricklayer digweed the digger. And there’s some deep digging here indeed!

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