Marillion, Quicksilver, and the Grateful Dead

There’s a line in a Marillion song that goes “the quick and the dead.” Now, having just returned from burning man, where i encamped at the Vogon sake bar (bless their souls and spirits, for they are a superb lot), I recently came across the historical detail in Dennis McNally’s book “A Long Strange Trip.” This one may be a bit out there as connections go, but I do believe the line in the Marillion song refers to the double header shows of the late 60s, featuring Quicksilver and the GD, or, as they were known, the Quick and the Dead…..

You mad dog shaven head bottle-boy freaks
In Martens and khaki, drunk on sake
You stare at yourself in the cruel flush of dawn
Terrified, sunken eyed, withered and drawn
The butcher, the baker, the munitions maker
The over-achiever, the armistice breaker
The freebase instructor, the lightning conductor
The psycho, the sailor, the tanker, the tailor
The black market mailer
The quick and the dead
The spotlight dancer
The quick and the dead
We wake up without you
With a hole in our hearts

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