Roger Waters at Shoreline sans David Gilmour on guitar

Here’s a verbatim exchange between a couple friends of mine, named Kylen and Pete, on the merits and demerits of the guitarist on tour with Roger Waters at the moment, who performed at Shoreline Amphitheatre here recently covering Pink Floyd tunes (including Dark Side of the Moon, in its entirety). We all know that David Gilmour is a legend in his own right, as a guitarist and as (my preferred) representative of the post-Floyd era Pink Floyd. Standing in for Dave would make most guitarists go pasty in the face; not a fair job, really.

I, who was not at the Shoreline show for reasons pertaining to ticket unavailability and a habitual tendency to procrastinate in purchase of said tickets, to any performance, generally, do feel that I missed an opportunity!

(I do have tix to see Aussie Floyd at the Paramount next week. Lessons learned)…

Here’s their email exchange, in chronological order.

Pete writes:

It’s apples to oranges on roger versus dave this year, but I’ve never heard
pink floyd rock quite like last night. Although, the guitar solos did kinda
suck(that dude looked too much like every replacement guitarist ever hired
by a once rocking band), I’m now a roger believer. He’s doing 62 dates next
year. If you missed this round, don’t miss the next one. Whether or not you
take Aussie Floyd into your heart or not.

PS – I’d have paid the thirty bucks to see Sheep and leave right after
that. But I stayed for the fun stuff all the same.


Kylen writes:

Dude, I guess I’m not a guitarist. (I’m not.)

(And that dude DID look like the cheesiest Steve Vai-lookin, old skool Jim
Satriani-clone Guitar-Player dude ever…)

BUT I thought he frikken NAILED the solos!!!! I’ve also heard those things
10 hundred million gazillion times and I thought he was the friggen mark.
It was uncanny except I know enough guitarists who’ve also practiced those
solos AND he BETTER nail em if he’s playing with Mr. Waters.

But yeah, wasn’t Sheep amazing???

I’m going down on the record as saying it was the best concert I’ve ever
seen. It was everything concerts should or could be.

plus I met Peter Coyote in the beer line.
…and everyone ya meet…



Pete writes:

Kylen “you ignorant slut”.

First of all, the Steve Vai fiddle player played a telecaster for all the
solos. And it appeared to be well post-CBS buyout model. Anyone, who’s
anyone, knows that although Telecasters in the hands of say a Daniel Ash,
sound like a forest of trees singing Mozart, they don’t hold the tone or
shape of note to save their lipstick pickups. Where, it’s cousin,
Stratocaster, can hold a bottom end better than Freddie Mercury at the
Men’s Room on four bags of meth.

Suffice to say, the lead spots, however note for note perfect they almost
were, barely made the shoreline collective nuts lift off the seams of their
BVDs. And the Waters’ back up band made it known that they too could hear
more jangle than dangle, when they had “old crickety balding dude” double
the critical solos on a Les Paul (Gold Top – looked nice). While filling
out the thud of strings you want to feel in your sternum when David G would
peel his piece off the floor of the Pink F drone, they, for the most part,
ended up sounding like a bad Eagles reunion tour doing the grand opening of
a head shop in Racine, Wisconsin.

(PS-Kylen, sorry about the ignorant slut comment, but it really worked for
the piece)

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