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On-call consultations

I can deliver valuable help and peace of mind, in a short period of time. As I spend my days as a heavy social media user, in constant touch with a large network of social media professionals in many domains of expertise, you can have quick access to what I'm seeing and thinking with an on-call engagement.

This service works best if you are seeking an expert in the user experiences and new social practices of social media for the purpose of subjecting your efforts or plans to a reality check. Consider me an anthropologist and sociologist in the present tense. I have exposure to brand-new tools and services, products, and as an early beta tester of many social media applications, I am a keen observer of trends and developments as well as successes and failures in the social practices that make social media work.

This service is instantaneous and can begin with as little as a paypal deposit followed by communication as suits you best: phone calls, email, twitter, or skype.

Conversations for peace of mind
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