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About Gravity7

Social Interaction Design requirements specs, cases studies, feasibility studies:

The role of social interaction designer is increasingly critical to social media startups and companies, as many of them recognize that their success depends on user experiences and aggregate social practices that are beyond their direct control. As social networking sites and social media applications scale, populations and audiences change their habits and uses. Seemingly small design and feature decisions can have significant consequences for overall use practices. Architectural features come to life as they are populated, and as user populations learn and grow with a site or service.

I have developed my own models for user behaviors around personality types common to online networking, friending, communication, and interaction. Corresponding to each personality type are different psychological interests and communication/interaction styles. How these kinds of users interact with one another, and the kinds of sites/services they prefer (and why), shape the growth of any social media product or service.

In developing social interaction design as a consultancy to social media companies, I have constructed a variety of common cultural themes, interaction models, and styles of communication and interaction. I use these, and update them, while working with clients. They serve as dynamic and living templates of how users tend to engage and participate in online social networking sites.


I have studies done for clients, and out of personal interest, in several areas of interest to social media. In some of these areas I have social interaction models and frameworks. They include:

  • twitter and microblogging conversation and activity analysis
  • social distortions in online social systems
  • sharing models and pass-along models
  • responder networks and trust circle networks
  • social analytics, social network analysis, activity analysis
  • social gaming
  • online dating services
  • widgets and modular social media platforms
  • blogging and commenting
  • rating, voting, and ranking systems
  • review and recommendation engines
  • fan communities and entertainment media
  • video, chat, commenting, and game-based interactions
  • profiles and social networking
  • local area experts and domain expert systems
  • volunteer and non profit communities
  • social presence tools
  • micro-blogging and lifestreaming; twitter
  • third-party twitter applications
  • conversation analysis
  • social search
  • chat applications and extensions; near-synchronous communication apps
  • semantic analysis, sentiment analysis


  • ideation sessions
  • application or service analysis for social interaction and practices
  • user experience needs and requirements
  • social experience and usability documentation
  • competitive analysis
  • social dynamics and social interaction models
  • on-call consulting to development teams on questions of social usability
  • on-call consulting to business development and marketing teams
  • on-call consulting to social media marketing and PR campaign managers


  • strategy and industry analysis
  • viral marketing campaigns
  • audience and community engagement improvements
  • feature and functionality specs
  • marketing requirements documentation
  • product requirements specs
  • screens and mockups

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