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Why SxD helps

Any social media application can benefit from the approach taken by social interaction design. That includes branding campaigns, social business efforts, and social media in the enterprise, too. Social media depend on adoption by users. They depend on users to use them in ways that result in value-added content and compelling experiences. Social media rely on communication among users to create a sense of membership, if not community. They rely on users' comfort level with an application's privacy protections and social exposure. And their success depends often on habit-forming uses and social adoption that persists beyond the novelty phase of social technologies.

All of these are social phenomena. They are enabled by design, by architecture, features, and content. But they are ultimately social concerns.

You do not have to make a deep commitment to benefit from what I bring to the table. If you need a gut check, I can do that for you. And if you need to know whether your use of social will work, will catch, will lead to what you have built it to do, I can do that for you, too. Whether it is in the form of phone calls, meetings, research, use case and user interest documentation, or modeling social interactions for use by your developers and designers.

Many social media sites and services either fail or fade for social adoption reasons. These are handled not only by means of features and functionality but by use of social architecture, and interaction models. These are examples of where "urban planning" supplements architectural designs. So if you believe your service could be better, I can help with that.

If you have a social media campaign, are pursuing brand advocacy, are interested in social advertising, user reviews, recommendations, ratings, and so on, I can help you shape and balance your efforts for the best user experience and social outcomes possible, too.

And in today's world of realtime messaging, conversational tools and practices, and fragmented contexts of use, social interaction can help you to anticipate the unexpected. I will assess your efforts from multiple user perspectives, and in multiple use cases.

All our media experiences are going social. From viewing and listening to communicating and working. The design of social is too important to be left to common practices alone. Methodologies and frameworks for this do exist. It's a call worth making.