Scanner Darkly

This from a friend of mine…

the performances alone assure it massive cult status.

but the technical rendering makes it a masterpiece.

What happens is that its shot in live action, and you see some slow fades
periodically from live into the photoshoppy animation ‘effect’ — of the
live images, but along the way, shit slides into full animation.

example: you are looking at Winona Ryder’s hair flowing in a convertible’s
wind. it starts slightly real, progressed through demi-real stages until the
next second its a total animation, you are looking at whipping strands of
hair like in anime, and then snap!

The action or dialog usually, takes you back into another level of ‘reality
treated’ images. Because the main or background images are constantly (but
slowly, artfully, no dizziness here) shifting — in reaction to whose point
of view, or what was taken, or mainly just because the subjectivity shifts
in the dialog… shit happens to the surface..

And the drama, of course is about an undercover cop who wears an identity
suit that oscillates through a million faces and clothes… and you watch
people in these suits have discussions…

ANd so, smoke something and get a feel for “Substance D” !!!

Its nuts, Robert Downey Junior is like a miniature, more jewish psychotic,
(name blanked)! FUN! Can you win awards as a partially animated character?

Mr G

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