Plasmatronic World Cup games shown in LD, Dobly

There’s a line in This is Spinal Tap that audiophiles love to quote. It’s when the band’s spiritual distraction (I’m not going to say guru), St Hubbin’s girlfriend, asks if the album’s recorded in Dobly. Nigel takes the piss out on her for that; as we do when we quote the scene. I do it still when I’m shopping for music gear. Just to show my age I suppose. “Does this play dobly?” “Do you have it in Dobly?” “Was this recorded in Dobly?”
I’ve been seeing a lot of Dobly recently, and I’m getting a bit tired of it. Every single flatpanelplasmatronicdisplay I’ve seen world cup games on has looked Dobly. Dobly compressed, Dobly saturated, Dobly horizontally stretched. Circuit city recently reported strong sales in part on the popularity of these newfangled pixellated panels. I’m Dobly unimpressed. If these broadcasts are available in HD, why are we still getting them in LD?

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