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I am a pioneer of social interaction design, an emerging discipline in social media design.

Of course, I don't own it. Nor is it only mine. Social interaction design is UX and interaction design for social media. It's the work of many practitioners and is applied through many practices. SxD is an application of insights into social media that starts with users. How they use social media reflects their personal and social interests as well as their relationships. The interactions occur among users, not just between users and the interface. I look for the emergent social practices that make your site, application, or service a social success.

Why invest in SxD? Simply because how users talk, share, interact, and participate can determine your success. User experiences define your product. At the end of the day, social media are only as good as the people using it. And this is conjured not out of features but out of social practices.

So what does it involve?

  • UX comps and mockups
  • social web and application wireframes
  • mobile app comps and flows
  • strategic focus on users and social practices
  • design direction
  • social creative
  • conversation strategies
  • realtime world of social information
  • social architecture
  • definitions of social objects and tokens, gestures, communication and activities
  • use of social norms
  • activity types
  • conversation models
  • user experiences based on social interaction and communication, not needs and goals
  • understanding analytics
  • reading community behaviors
  • identifying social failures

High level strategic guidance to organizations that want to spend their social right.

Consulting engagements

I am skilled at joining existing teams, be they leadership, marketing, product, design, or engineering teams. I work by retainer, project, or by day rates. I am fast, and quick to produce insights and guidance. I deliver strategic marketing plans, social interaction design requirements, product specs, comps and wireframes. Read more about me.

Principles of Social Interaction Design (SxD): An Essay

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Read more about specific services and engagements.

Clients have included

Yoga Journal,, Harbinger, Smith & Hawken, France Tel/Orange, Asmallworld, Sierra Designs, and many more.

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