Let’s face it, transplant or no….

“I now have a face like everyone else,” she told reporters Monday…

Photos making the rounds today would seem to cast that into some doubt.

But whereas the discussion a couple months ago centered on the transplant operation, there’s no turning away now: this is her face. I dont think we can look at a person and not see their face as their face. This changes things. An organ transplant is, well, just that. But a face, as personal as it is, being the primary organ of personality, belongs on whomever wears it. It’s like, what was your hair like before? Now that you have a new haircut, I don’t seem to remember…

Isabelle Dinoire deserves to be left alone now. Let the debate continue among cultural critics and ethicists. She’s going to have to put on a smile for the rest of her life and she deserves recognition of what that means.

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