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Been keeping clear of demo reviews deliberately. Not sure it’s my forte, possibly not my main thing here. Prefer myself to keep the thoughts in the “cloud”, unclouded by sneak peaks of the many real tools and applications shown here, if simply to ensure a lucid mind and clarity of perspective.
But this demo caught my attention.
Switchr. (see picture)
The company’s in the connectivity space; client-server connections over regular old copper phone lines. The end-user device is any phone you want — cell, landline, office, home, doesnt matter. The company’s built out a connectivity directory with which they route connections from callers to receivers. If both parties take up the connection, and this is where I think they have something, really might have something, if both parties take up the connection they can engage in “conversation.” Switchr is branding the experience as a “telephone call,” which might be a mouthful (“phone call? fone? call? hmm…”). I’m eager to try. Calls can last as long as the users want; they can be paused or “held” if something comes up that requires one of the caller’s immediate attention.
Callers are free to use tone, inflection, intonation, lilt, scream, pitch (calls in major key preferred, but minor key works too)… Callers can say anything they want, or not say if they choose. They can refer to something in the immediate present, or in the past, the future, can refer to a shared experience or something common and familiar, lifestyle, heck, events or plans, desires and interests. Completely open and relationship agnostic.
Switchr claims that over time, callers might even form relationships. If they could deliver on that, man, I’m buyin.

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