World cup madness has got me again

Well I was thinking of sleeping in tomorrow, at least past 6 am, but it was so worth it to hoof it down to the haight this morning, streets glowing sunrise pink as the mascara smeared on the cheeks of ragged haight street dolls (as well as on a couple of england fans, red though that paint was meant to be), hoses applying themselves to sullied sidewalks and duboce park a minefield of hounds patiently waiting for the throbbing fixture of sprinklers, zealously extending themselves to wipe the lawn before the sun’s angular face got too good a look, locals dodging tickets in flip flops, DPT carts clocking up the morning in $40 increments…. I was thinking of sleeping in until I read that Portugal/Mexico is indeed a game worth rising for. And writing for? Let the game write itself. If you find yourself in the hood, quarters in hand, the meters are free until 8. And yes, the mad dog has coffee (tho I suspect it’s crap).



I’ll be there at noon, too. And don’t even ask about Thursday: that’s a sure bet.

for irreverent english podcasters, try these fools. they’re great


Group C
Netherlands vs. Argentina, June 21

Debatably the most anticipated match of the group stage, this is the pair-up that made observers at the December group lottery in Leipzig draw in their breath with delight. The two teams from formidable soccer nations are both looking to add a new layer of polish to their reputations and a win in Frankfurt would certainly do it.

While a loss would leave either team with a bit of explaining to do to their fans who are beginning to wonder if they’ll ever live to see their team in the World Cup final ever again, an impressive result would help the winning side convince people at home that they do, in fact, deserve admiration they still receive.

Portugal is a favorite for the round of 16
Group D
Portugal vs. Mexico, June 21

Mexico was FIFA’s top seed for Group D, but that’s not keeping experts from naming Portugal the favorite to advance. The pair of teams is also set against Iran and Angola, two sides that aren’t expected to pose much of a threat, so the match in Gelsenkirchen will decide who gets the lighter of the round of 16 opponents.

Portugal’s 11 have, however, been given a special incentive to use the game to get into shape for the next rounds — the Portuguese Soccer Federation is offering national team players their biggest-ever bonus if they win the tournament.

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