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Reading Notes: Activity theory

Summary: Reading notes on theories applicable to design of social software and social media. Concepts from psychology, sociology, linguistics, online interaction and performance enrich our theory of user interaction on Web 2.0 sites, social networking sites like Facebook.com, Youtube.com, Myspace.com and more

These reading notes were taken while researching source material and conceptual frameworks of potential use to social interaction design, an approach I'm developing for use in the development and design of social software, interaction tools, communication technologies and their applications.

Download or view Reading Notes: Activity theory PDF, 3 pages.

Activity theory is one of many theoretical approaches that's been suggested as a means of supplementing HCI frameworks. I looked into it and I don't think it offers us what we need. It lacks a sociological understanding of practice, preferring instead to adopt an ontological view of technological objects. Heidegger did it better...

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