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Social Interaction Design (SxD)

Social interaction design is the design of social media. It encompasses Web 2.0 design practices and tools as well as a kind of social practices-oriented approach to user experience and interaction design. Social interaction design is the design of user and social engagement with social technologies. Because it's for the world of web 2.0, it's neither pure design theory nor straightforward engineering. It has to talk to each at the same time. Social media after all are more than a bucketful of web applications, or web pages constructed out of user-generated content. The introduction of any design change or feature to a social media site does more than offer the individual user something new to do. As it is used by the site's audience overall, it becomes something more: a way of interacting and communicating.

Social interaction design anticipates what happens at the social level when a community of users engage with your site. It has something in common with urban planning, architecture of open spaces, traffic planning, or markets and economies.

The topics covered in this section are written up with greater detail in white papers (see Writings).

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