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SxD in Theory

Social theories know people, individually and collectively, in their internal dialogues and on the terms of their interior and psychological interests, but at the level of social organization and communicative practices, too. Practicing social media design is a matter of embracing soical theoretical insights and extending them to the applied media theory. Architects work with mass and volume, load-bearing columns and walls, light, the flow of people, and so on. Social media designers work with profiles, how they look, and how they make their owners look. They work with psychological interests and individual pastimes as well as the social conventions that inform how these are communicated. They recognize the modern forms of economy, product marketing and branding, customer reviews and ratings, and understand how to adapt the world of media to the individual use practices of social media users. Theory helps us find what's true, practice tells us what is right.

Main concepts
In the world of social media, the link is no longer an objective relation but is a subjective association
The top ten list is more than a list: it's a common cultural presentation of values and social interests
The mediation
The communicative
The sociological
The psychological
In tomorrow's web, views will have customizable perspective and history
The temporal
Social search
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