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Social Practices

Social media users have to engage users with themselves, and through this help users appeal to others. It's said that we see others as whole but experience ourselves as differentiated. Online, we look whole. Whether it's the member profile, blog, message board posts, posted videos or something else web 2.0, these representations are re-presentations, self-presentation and presentation of the Self. Social media are about personas and personality, and as tools they must spare the user inadvertent embarrassment and facilitate expression and communication.

The screen organizes interactions, in what it shows as well as what it doesn't
Appealing to the Other
Organizing the screen is an exercise in sorting, filtering, and arranging social activities
Common practices

As social media evolve they foster an emerging set of common cultural and social, as well as technical, practices. These reinforce themselves over time and through use, becoming more differentiated, organized, and recognizable. They are what we have to see and recognize if we are to support them with design, features, and functionality.


The folksonomy, popularized in the form of tag cultures and other examples of long tail economics, is the social and participatory mode of organizing information. It captures user activity and updates itself so that it shows value: what users used most and least. In this manner it builds and reinforces relationships and association among content and data elements. It is democratic in its mode of participation but subject to interest in what's popular, and for this is sometimes biased towards what's new and most favorite. Be that as it may, folksonomies are a reflection of taste and use, and are a valued alternative to hierarchical arrangements.

Users recognize more than is given: social media refer to cultural and social practices and pastimes
Mini Me-dia

Mass media are the broadcast of content through one-way media and means of distribution. Mini "me"-dia package user personality and participation in forms common to and borrowed from mass media. They make news of us, subjects of our contributions, and build interest in our interests. Social media are not just the media of the social web, but are the socialization of mass media. The social media designer watches mainstream media for stories, narratives, biographies, topics, trends and more that might translate well to social media.

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