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SxD in Theory: Users

The user is the beginning and end of any web designer's practice, even more so in social media. But in social media it's the user's interest in him or herself, how s/he thinks others see him/her, and what interests him/her in others. These concerns are addressed by social and communication theory, by psychology, media theory, and more. As we use social media to further our own communication and social interactions, be they personal or professional, we create social objects, images, representations, lists, clusters, and, of course, relationships. Social media are supplemental, are a means of production and of consumption, and as they help users into markets, markets are forced to adjust to their presence and participation. These are dynamic social systems, rooted in forms of talk and representation, and where best practices tell us what works and has worked, theory can offer guideposts for what will work next, and best.

Not all social media must deliver a useful benefit — compelling experiences flourish when they offer discovery and serendipity
User Needs = Interests
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