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Consulting and Engagements

I have led, structured, and conducted structured user research and stakeholder discovery, remotely and on-site, including in London, Singapore, and Shanghai.

I have been hands-on with html, javascript, and basic sql, and so understand the underlying structure of the web. Though I do not code any longer.

I have good taste and an aesthetic sensbility, and though I am not a visual designer, I am very familiar with the needs and work of visual designers, UI designers, web devs, content developers, and back-end developers—on-site and remotely; agile and waterfall.

In user experience design and interaction design, I'm comfortable with standard deliverables, including wireframes, prototypes, personas, journey maps, user stories and other components of agile, product and business requirements documentation, seo, content design, and more.

I enjoy writing and have done my share of marketing copywriting, pitch decks, and proposals.

Since 1996 I have delivered over 40 websites, including custom content management systems and identity systems.

At DeloitteDigital, from 2012 to 2017, I built a customer experience team with the firm's national design director, and led UX and CX for clients in pharma, financial services, retail, and technology. As design was done in our studios, I was part of the team that interfaced between clients, onsite consulting teams, and studio designers and devs. Work involved a lot of travel, but was fascinating and hard-driven.

I am currently returning to social interaction design, and applying it not only to social tools and social media, but also non-visual UX and UI, and AI-social combinations. As AI and machine learning increasingly blend into our financial markets, social media and other social technologies, our games and play, services and branding, social interaction design will need to accommodate the presence of AI. I believe this will create a lot of interesting opportunities for non-visual UX and design.

If you are in the social media business, or are considering it, it can't hurt to place a call! I deliver high value and responsive consultations by phone, email, and in person. Read more about how social interaction design can help you.

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