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"Adrian was a huge factor in propelling a multidisciplinary team of both inside and outside resources from concept to killer demo in less than 90 days. What we got was on-time, on budget, with a result of key stakeholder buy-in. Ground-breaking creative, business strategy, and project management flexibly adapting to the abrupt changes of projects in pitch mode - that's the package." Mark Plakias, VP Strategy & Design, France Telecom/Orange Labs, 2007

"Adrian is insanely brilliant. He's one of these guys who is 100x more creative than us mortals. He knows web 2.0 backwards and forwards. You will learn a lot from working with Adrian. His sharp intellect, keen interest in people and persistent focus on the question "what really motivates your audience?" has led to big "aha!" moments about the direction of our website." Perla Ni, Greatnonprofits.com, 2006

"Adrian is an exceptional thinker and provides an incredible amount of creativity for the development of GoingOn's platform, and insight into human behavior within the developing online world which is extremely valuable for our company and customers. He is also easy to work with and a strong collaborator for ideas on any team." Bernard Moon, Goingon.com, 2006

"I worked with Adrian on several projects. In every instance he brought far more to the table than his ample web design capability. By getting a real understanding of our business, to whom we were trying to communicate, he helped to evolve our strategy and develop a richer interaction with our customers. He's a deep thinker, but a grounded one, and I would work with him again in a heartbeat." David Maltz, Gameready, 2004

"Adrian rocks - he is not only a kick-ass graphic and UI designer but can discuss Heidegger and obscure music and film." Carl Wescott, Broadband Mechanics, September 22, 2006

"Adrian is one of the brightest people I know. He draws upon his knowledge and experience in a variety of fields, and a healthy dose of lateral thinking, to inject new ideas and creativity into generating a new product or service." Nish Bhutani, ArtsAlliance, August 26, 2006

"Adrian brings fresh insights yet a seasoned perspective on the sector (he's been doing this since '93). I've worked with him informally on Live365, and his ability to understand our value prop and the market opportunity, quickly and deeply, was impressive. I also happen to enjoy his company." David Porter Live365, 2004

"Adrian brings years of experience, from information theory to large implementations. He's well-known for his deep insight and knowledge into issues facing businesses. Currently, he's helping with the strategy for our online music site, betterPropaganda. He is, again, proving to be big asset. It has been a pleasure working with Adrian over the years, professionally and personally." Ken Manning BetterPropaganda, 2004

"Adrian excels at hard problems in the design of technologically-mediated communication, particularly human computer interaction, user interface and socially-aware software design. He possesses a deep understanding of how contemporary sociology, psychology and linguistics can illuminate the ways people use technology. This helps clients create projects will be noticed, used and remembered." Jason Lewis Concordia University, 2004

was with another company when working with you "I recommend Adrian without reservation and in the highest possible terms. He has been an invaluable and reliable source of insights and information for a variety of projects, bringing to his work not only expertise but passion, imagination, and creativity." Frederick Dolan, Professor, CCA, 2006

"I've been working and talking with Adrian for over 15 years. Adrian has a unique perspective on the cultural effects of technology, especially in the area of education. It is rare to find someone with so much hands on experience who also has read (and written) so broadly and deeply on the relationship between technology and society." Michael Korcuska, elt-inc, 2004

"Adrian is a super-smart guy as well as a gifted interface and graphic designer. He is a great creative thinker and problem-solver, and is a valuable contributor at key stages of needs analysis, ideation and conceptual design, and requirements specification. Plus, he is a great guy and fun to work with." Adam Siegel Mog, 2004