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Retainer for Social Media clients

If you are in the business of social media and wish to have on-going access to my industry trend analyses, and observations of new uses and practices in social media, a retainer will give you access to my time on a limited weekly basis. I recommend that you avoid porting best practices from competing or similar services, and instead implement strategies that are specific to your service and audience. We fail to realize that best practices are often specific to the community or application in which they are successful.

  • I will become involved in your product, service, and/or campaign
  • I will offer suggestions and recommendations for improvement and enhanced effectivenes from a user's perspective
  • I will cite efforts by competitors in your industry and space
  • I will provide you with examples and references of how some of your users are responding to your product
  • You will receive limited insider perspectives on where the market and industry is headed, relative to your business, and based on actual user and social practices
  • I will take the user's perspective, and offer you insights into how different user personalities benefit from your product -- in ways that may not be obvious
  • I will conduct informal polls among my extended social media networks to obtain feedback from friends, followers, and other users
  • You will have access to insights I glean from first-rate interaction designers and social media startups

Access to my network

I maintain a strong and attentive network of over 1,000 key individuals in social media. You will have the benefit of my on-going communication and trend sharing with these individuals. I will be able to offer you occasional introductions and targeted questions and inquiries.

  • user interface designers in social media
  • interaction designers and the interaction design community.
  • information architects in social media
  • developers and engineers in social media, including widgets, apps, web, and mobile
  • social media creative specialists
  • product managers
  • evangelists
  • event organizers
  • bloggers
  • blog network publishers
  • social media analytics providers
  • thought leaders and speakers
  • social media PR and marketing agencies
  • social media marketing campaign managers
  • social media advertising companies
  • psychologists and researchers of social media trends
  • internet useage research and trends

Assessments and Consultations

Questions addressed and benefits to you

  • Will users use this?
  • How will it scale?
  • How can we make this better?
  • Who are our users? What motivates them? Are they being served?
  • What should we do next?
  • What opportunities are we missing?
  • How do we increase participation?
  • Should we try what Site X is doing?
  • What kinds of users like our service the most?
  • How can we expand or partner with others?

Additional services

Rates are negotiable

  • Extended market research
  • Use cases and scenarios
  • User interviews, foral and/or informal, and usability recommendations focused on user benefits and social practices
  • Contributions to product specs
  • Contributions to marketing requirements documents
  • Design documentation, new feature and interaction flows
  • Screen mockups
  • Strategic partnerships and participation, networking, introductions, etc

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